Thursday, July 20, 2017

DCPLBMissWithoutReplacement on BF-707 & CCES 2.5.0

One of the issue that is faced on CrossCore Embedded Studio is DCPLBMissWithoutReplacement. 

We were using one of the project which is developed on CrossCore Embedded Studio 1.1.0 in CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.5.0

Then the IDE in debug mode has thrown the error which is shown in below figure

When we compile this code on CCES 2.5.0 the buffers were getting allocated at size more than 64 MB.

After we had a look at the app_cplbtab.c file which shows that the CPLB Entries are generated for DDR memory size upto 64MB. See the below screen which is taken from app_cplbtab.c

When we change system.svc file the changes shall be reflected in the files which are under system folder. The files are app_cplbtab.c, app_handler_table.c, app_heaptab.c, app_startup.s and app.ldf.

CCES provides a special syntax which the user can place in these files so that the tables can't be modified by the CCES even though the user changes in system.svc file.

When we removed the special syntax from these files the tables are updated properly and the issue got fixed
Below is the updated app_cplbtab.c

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